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New Argentine president Javier Milei

On November 19, the Argentine people elected Javier Milei as the country's representative for the next four years in the presidential elections.

Javier Milei, a right-wing man and supporter of “Freedom Advances”, opposed to the current socialist government of Alberto Fernández. The whole country thought that the votes were going to be very even since Argentine citizens were very divided in their tastes and political priorities.

To the surprise of many, Javier Milei, the "lion" as he calls himself, won with 55.69% of the votes, winning in all Argentine provinces except Formosa, Santiago del Estero and Buenos Aires province. The rest of the country was dyed purple in anticipation of urgent political change, especially in the economy. Big political figures such as Trump, former president of the United States, and Nayib Bukele, current president of El Salvador, were happy with the result and congratulated the future Argentine president. He will be the first economist to hold Argentina's highest magistracy.

On the hand, Sergio Massa, who was the other candidate for President of the Nation and a supporter of the Union for the Fatherland, conceded defeat and during the first hours of the presidential result being announced, and he resigned from his political position as the country's Minister of Economy. His political campaigns mentioned incessantly that he was not going to abandon the Argentines and he was going to fight until the last minute for the Homeland, but he left his post less than a month away from the presidential change. However, he has now announced that he is still in charge of the Ministry of Economy and that he is preparing his transition team for the month of December.

The electoral system in Argentina is mandatory for all citizens registered in the municipality where they reside and is carried out as follows: from eight in the morning until six in the evening, the polling stations are open to vote. Depending on the first letter of the surname and the city where you declare your address, the government decrees your polling station. There, you present yourself to the president of the polling station and once he indicates that it is your turn, you enter the famous "dark room". Actually, it is not dark, but it is called that because it alludes to the fact that no one can know the choice one makes. In that room, the ballots with the candidates are found, once you have marked your choice, it placed inside of an envelope that then placed inside a ballot box that is next to the polling president. At six o'clock in the evening, they close, and the general count begins to find out who has won. What are the consequences if someone doesn't show up to vote? In case this happens, the person has sixty days to justify their absence. Otherwise, they may receive a monetary fine or have difficulties in any government procedures they may need to do, during the period of one year.

On December 10, 2023, when the new president takes office, there will be a 360-degree change in Argentina. Not everyone is happy with the election results, but the majority have spoken, and that's what democracy is all about. The people’s main hope is to have positive changes in the economy. Will they really be good changes? Who knows exactly the answer, but what is known for sure is that the desire of all citizens is for the country to move forward, for the level of poverty to be reduced and for the inhabitants to have more economic and social opportunities to have a better life.

By Marina Chauffaille