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Where is My Bronco?

As a car enthusiast, I understood the hype when Ford announced they would re-release the Bronco after 25 years since the last model sold back in 1996. The retro-styling, off-road capabilities, updated but simplistic design, attracted many to the new model like moths to a flame. Images of the new Bronco were leaked back in 2019. Since then, speculation and a desire for nostalgic connections to a vehicle which introduced many to off-road adventures and limitless destinations was on the bucket list for many. I ordered mine right from the start.

Unfortunately, many setbacks plagued the model. COVID struck and production was halted, then Ford announced that a hard-top shortage was another reason for the delays. The issue is something worse, a microchip shortage due to the pandemic caused many auto manufacturers to scramble as new models that were scheduled remain shelved and not lurking within drivers’ driveways.

By: Alex Fernandez