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Art Showcase at Bolivian Embassy

Updated: Mar 25

Art Showcase at Bolivian Embassy VIENNA, Va.- New York composer Paul Joseph and his friend painter Roman Valdez Suarez were present at the Bolivian Embassy gathering in Washington D.C on Saturday, July 13. The two friends met in New York and were both interested in how music could represent an artistic piece. Joseph, the composer, wrote and performed original musical works to showcase Suarez’s latest artistic masterpiece to be given as a gift to Freddy Bersatti, the Bolivian ambassador. The artwork, known as “El Rey De La Mascara,” (The King of the Mask) depicts a lion-like king eating ice cream painted in vivid colors, created in the early ’80s by Suarez and accompanied by an original ballet performed by Joseph.

Suarez and Joseph had begun work as a team when they met in New York. Suarez wanted someone who could perform musical pieces to accompany his artwork. Through the music, the audience could gain a better understanding of the piece and be more in-tune with the emotional impact the piece attempts to reflect.

“The process of creating music to go along with the artwork is one that takes mutual understanding for a piece. For both to complement each other, there must be balance based on how a masterpiece impacts the audience alone and how the music amplifies emotional responses. How the music draws emotion from the audience is crucial for the interpretation of a piece of painted or sculpted art,” according to Joseph and Suarez.

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By Alexander Fernandez