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Ernie Francis Jr.

Ernie Francis Jr. began his racing career in 2017 at Road America, driving the number 13 Xfinity Nascar at age 19. He quickly became a Trans-Am series champion. Francis Jr. repeated taking the championship title six more times for a total of seven championship titles.

He races for the Breathless Race Team and is sponsored by Future Star Racing. His father, Ernie Francis Sr., operates the Breathless Race shop and supports his son (Francis Jr.) along with other racers. Future Star Racing further helps develop and guide racers like Francis Jr. to reach the next level of racing.

When we met with Francis Jr. after the second qualifier race at the Virginia International Raceway (VIR), he had just gotten off the track after an accident left his car damaged and unable to continue.

Francis Jr., already a proven champion racer, has shown he has what it takes to go the extra mile and put in the work to ensure his racing career is full of victories and championship titles.

“We don’t have the funding some of these other guys do. But I know we will be ok, we have a great team, and we will be winning races again in no time,” Francis Jr. said, ending a negative turn of events, into a positive outlook for the future.

Only time will tell how far Francis Jr. will go to obtain his racing aspirations. At the moment, he is taking his career one race at a time.

By Alexander Fernandez