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'Everyone is Safe' USA TODAY Gunman

Vienna, VA.- Today August 7, 2019, at 11:56 am. Fairfax County police received a call stating possible shooter activity at the USA TODAY headquarters in Tysons Corner. At 12:15 pm. Fairfax County SWAT headed inside the USA TODAY building where evacuations commenced. News crews and police were on the scene within moments. The SWAT team assisted those who remained inside.

Fairfax County Chief of Police, Colonel Edwin C. Roessler Jr. announced a call was made from inside the building stating a gunman arrived at the building.

“We are treating this as an active shooter case. We have S.W.A.T. searching the building for any shooter activity, but so far there have been no reports of shots fired,” Chief Roessler Jr. said.

The gunman, an ex-employee of USA TODAY was deemed “a person of interest” by the police, but there were no shots fired, nor any injuries.

When the search had settled, and the evacuation was completed Chief Roessler Jr. said in a press announcement,

"This is a non-event," said Fairfax County Police Chief Edwin Roessler Jr. "Everyone is safe, and I do not have any evidence that a crime was committed."

A report received on Tuesday by police which indicated a threatening text message was sent by a former co-worker Tuesday night which caused the situation the next morning on Wednesday.

The “person-of-interest” was found by police at another location, not inside the building as previously thought. “The-Person-of -Interest” received questioning by the police, but there was no indication of a crime.