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Government Refuse Metallurgical Union Request in Uruguay

URUGUAY-On May 31, 2022, a metallurgical factory laid off 150 workers in Uruguay. Union workers met on Monday with the general secretary of the National Union of Metal Workers and Related Branches to see what could be done not to close the factory.

“A decision [has been] made,” factory management said.

The closure resulted from the Uruguayan government not considering the proposals made by factory union workers and not due to a lack of company management.

“The problem is that the sector has made proposals for more than two years, and they are not given the ball,” said Union Management.

The union hoped that the Ministries of Industry and Economy would also participate in yesterday’s meeting, but they did not.

When consulted, the general director of Labor, Federico Daverede, said, “[economy and industry ministries] did not participate because the company’s determination to leave was already clear.”

Re-visiting the factory unions’ needs in future meetings is still on the table, but only time will tell if demands are met.

Report by El País

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