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Israeli-Palestine War Actions Constitute War Crimes

Updated: Mar 28

On Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2023, a rocket strike hit a Gaza City hospital killing over 500 people, according to AP. According to the 1970 U.N. General Assembly Resolution 2675 this action constitutes a war crime and is “never admissible.”

“Parts of the European Gaza hospital and the Emirati field hospital inside it were damaged as a result of the Israeli forces targeted,” Dr. Ashraf Alqudra, Spokesman of the Ministry of Health said in an official announcement.

As the war between Israel and Hamas rages on, certain military actions are unjustifiable. According to the 1970 U.N. General Assembly, targeted attacks on hospitals, medical units, and medical personnel functioning in a humanitarian capacity, are war crimes.

The U.N. condemned Israel and Palestine for targeting civilians in Gaza and throughout the war. Unlawful blockades and strikes have devastating impacts on the entire civilian population. No nation is innocent when it comes to war crimes as Hamas has shot civilians “en masse,” taken woman and children hostages, and tortured civilians according to Human Rights Watch.

Pope Francis called for a halt to violence in Israel and Palestine reiterating his belief that wars are always a defeat, according to Vatican News. Pope Francis said, “I strongly demand that children, the elderly, women and all civilians are not victims of the conflict.”

Israel declared war on Hamas, a Palestinian terrorist group, on Oct. 7 after their attack which claimed the lives of around 1400 Israeli civilians and soldiers. Hamas attacked Israel because of “long-building anger,” according to CBS. Although Palestine declared independence on Dec. 15, 1988, and is recognized as an independent state by United Nation’s General Assembly Resolution 43/177 and 135 countries, the United States and Israel are not among them.

“These actions constitute heinous violations of international law and international crimes, for which there must be urgent accountability,” a U.N. spokesperson said.

Israel declaring war on the Gaza Strip, under rule by Hamas since 2007, according to Freedom House, questions whether Palestine is considered an independent territory and would a declaration of war indicate Israel acknowledging Palestinian independence. If not, is Israel committing genocide on its people?

By Alex Fernandez

This article was revised from a previous version which said Israel bombed Palestinian hospital. Updates indicate that Hamas launched a failed rocket strike hitting a civilian hospital.