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Manassas Bronco

Seeing the new 2021 Ford Bronco at the Battlefield, Manassas dealership was a real treat. Although this is not the first time seeing the new Bronco in person, first seeing the vehicle back in March, the new model underwent style and functionality changes to ensure the launch goes as smoothly as possible.

Consumers who reviewed the Bronco with more detail noticed a few issues, such as how the tow bar on the front of the vehicle covered the forward-facing camera. Ford quickly addressed the concern in an email, stating that they “raised the bar” literally and figuratively and made sure the tow bar did not impede the view of the front camera.

Another concern to be pointed out was the poor quality of the hard-top panels on the Bronco with a hard-top option. Reviewers complained about the raddling noise the hard-top made as it drove through roadways. Reviewers were concerned the top felt cheaply made and had the consistency of “packing popcorn,” which easily flaked and created dust particles.

The Ford Motor Company is aware of these concerns and is working toward a solution. However, these delays are now due to the hard-top models as Ford is having a tough time figuring out a solution to the hard-top dilemma. The company stated that they refuse to release the vehicle for purchase unless the roofing issue is solved.

First-year models are often burdened with many flaws, complications, or lack of attention to detail. Ford wants the first-year Bronco to be a strong launch and does not want to issue recalls. The wait for these vehicles is a struggle for enthusiasts but worth it knowing consumers will get a quality product.

By Alex Fernandez