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Low Temperatures do not Affect Scheduled School Break

LA PAZ, BOLIVIA- The Vice-Minister of Special Education, Sandra Cruz Nina, discussed the possibility of starting the winter school break later, due to the low temperatures, which could adversely affect the health of students and cause a spike in colds and illnesses such as COVID. She stated that reports from The Ministry of Health and Sports and the National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology (Senamhi), should be studied to see how things develop.

However, Edgar Pary, Minister of Education, ruled out any change in the scheduled winter school break. His reasoning for not making any changes to the holiday schedule is because there are protocols in place to deal with illnesses and Covid-19, involving social distancing for example, so there is no need to affect the current school year calendar.

The winter holidays will begin on July 4, and students will return to classes on July 18.

Report by Yuri Flores

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