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Southern Biscuits and Gravy Chips

I have to confess the concept of gravy always makes me nervous. I've spent enough time in hospitals (no, not for food poisoning) that I immediately assume when I see the word gravy is that it's some thin attempt to hide the awfulness of the meat with the juices that should still be in the meat. Sort of like how draining all the water out of a water balloon and then pouring it back on top of the balloon doesn't make it any more fun to play with. Southern gravy I've come to find out is a completely different thing. More commonly known as sausage gravy, it is made ground sausage, flour, and milk. Maybe a dash of pepper so you can say you customized it or to add a couple flecks of "what is that floating stuff?"

I shouldn't have to explain what biscuits are, but in the off chance you are British, I will say that they are not cookies, you limey. Just kidding, god save the queen, or any other Sex Pistols song you like. Yes, I know that's not the name of the song. Have I rambled enough? Should I get to the review? Do I believe I ask too many rhetorical questions? These are really good. Opening the bag smells like waking up in a house that no one has ever heard the word "diet" in. They taste like breakfast sausage with a strong backdrop of dairy. I really couldn't detect much of a biscuit flavor, but since the biscuit is merely a gravy delivery system, it's not really missed. As my coworker said to me, "these would make Jimmy Dean proud". Or maybe it was Paula Deen, I get the two mixed up. As for the 2015 Lay's Do Me A Flavor competition, these are a strong contender, two comfort foods turned into one. All that's left is the review for the New York Reuben, and then I will crown a winner.

Found at Harris Teeter

Donated by Crystal