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The Fight for Religious Freedom #Free2Pray

Vienna, Va.- On July 10, 2019, Save The Persecuted Christians organized a rally outside the Squire Patton Boggs building in Washington D.C. Squire Patton Boggs is a law-firm which are allies of the Chinese government as the firm has branch locations in China. The firm also funds many of the activities which hinder religious toleration. Many spoke about their discontent towards the Chinese government and their persecution of Christians and other religions.

Political Officer, Salih Hudayar spoke at the rally,

"China is locking up people in concentration camps where they are forced to renounce their religious affiliations and forced to adopt Chinese communist ideology. The Chinese are destroying Tibetan temples, and if this continues, it will spark international religious outrage. These acts against humanity and fundamental freedoms affect all faiths. Any political leader who is for human decency and fair treatment will stand up against the Chinese government's religious genocides,” Hudayar said while protesting at the rally for Religious Freedom.

The U.S. government is acting as a watchdog towards the Chinese government over recent religious and human rights violations. The U.S. placed sanctions on the Chinese government over their abusive conduct towards people of Muslim faith. The Chinese government has also targeted other religions like Christianity and refused to give equal or fair treatment regarding Chinese citizenship and political activism.

“My parents came here in the 1990s. They fled Saudi Arabia in pursuit of a safer and more stable life here in the States, free from religious persecution. It was a hard transition as with many other migrants looking for a new home. My parents came here with no money and worked hard for my brother and me to gain the education we have today,” for privacy purposes this person will be known as Joseph Grandle, a student advocate.

The group's slogan is #Free2Pray which they hope will gain some traction so that individuals of religious abuse will see the slogan as a call to action towards the crimes against humanity that the Chinese government has committed over the last 20 years. The organization is a coalition of nonprofits and faith leaders working to educate America on the global crisis of anti-Christian persecution and seeking to hold the persecutors and their enablers accountable for their crimes against humanity.

If you would like to know more about the organization, feel free to check out their Facebook page.

By Alex Fernandez