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The Taylor Swift Phenomenon In Argentina

Updated: Mar 11

We already know that Taylor Swift is a great American singer of the country and pop genre, but how far do her fans go? In Argentina, on the other side of the northern hemisphere, her fans go crazy for her and sold out three entire stadiums to witness her shows.

The tour is called "The Eras Tour", it lasts more than three hours and is rightly named as it makes a journey through all the musical stages that the artist has gone through in her nineteen-year career. With sixteen wardrobe changes and a tremendous set design, Taylor Swift had all her fans dancing, singing and jumping non-stop, along with her, throughout the concert.

Her shows took place on November 9, 10 and 11, at the River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires, which has a capacity of eighty-four thousand five hundred spectators. Unfortunately, the second show had to be cancelled due to a major thunderstorm that affected that day. All the fans were sad about what happened and annoyed by the rain, many of them cried from the helplessness of not being able to see their idol, but the good news was that the show was rescheduled for Sunday, November 12. Therefore, her followers had the opportunity to enjoy the long-awaited show.

Fans from all over Argentina have traveled to Buenos Aires that weekend, even Chileans, Uruguayans and Venezuelans took the opportunity to see their idol. Some were so excited that they camped out for months at the gate of the stadium to be first in line and very close to the singer. From Rosario, four hours away, more than fifteen double-decker buses left per day to enjoy the concert, the cost of which was $25000.00 Argentine pesos which would be $26.04 U.S. dollars. Even fans from the province of Mendoza traveled thirteen hours by van to the capital to see their idol. Her fans, called "swifties" are very varied, from people in their thirties to little girls, who entered the stadium in the company of a family member.

Most of them were prepared for the event, wearing sparkly dresses, tiaras and glitter in their hair and makeup. Also, they had the number thirteen drawn on their hands, the artist's lucky number, and they all had the famous "friendship bracelets" that they exchanged with each other, the product of a song by Taylor where he says that you have to have the bracelets of friendship. This is a very good initiative for all the fans to interact with each other and enjoy the event from the moment they set out on the journey there.

Taylor was totally stunned by the euphoria of the Argentinian public and confessed that it was a serious mistake to take so long to visit the country. She promised to come back soon and made all her fans fall in love with her humble and candid personality. Once again, she demonstrated to the world her warmth and the artistic talent she possesses. Definitely, these three shows in Argentina were historic and created unforgettable moments in the memory of each person who was present there.

By Marina Chauffaille