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Vosges Smoky Tellicherry Bar

I find it fitting to review this bar as I approach one hundred reviews, because it was a very similar chocolate bar that started me down my path as The Reckless Gastronome. Years ago my mother picked me up a Mo's Bacon Bar and that started me on the path of finding and trying some of the less conventional foods out there. Much like myself this chocolate bar isn't content to be slightly odd (I'm certain my friends are in complete agreement with that assessment), it wants to be completely unique (or in my case downright weird). To that end it uses tellicherry peppercorns, which are special type of pepper from the coast of India that are allowed to mature more in order to give them a richer taste. No I didn't know any of that, I figured I was getting some type of actual cherry when I bought this, I really should read the packaging more closely. Between dark chocolate, smoked bacon, and fancy peppercorns it really covers all bases on the taste spectrum. My only real complaint is that I absolutely hate the feel of peppercorns in my mouth. They just feel like debris. Flavorful debris, but still like something you should spit out.

By Martin Peyruc

Found at the Fresh Market