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Wahta Pure Maple Water

O Canada, don't you know maple is for pancakes, not for drinking (the scene from Super Troopers not withstanding)? I picked this up out of sheer curiosity as I frequently do, but once I did a bit of research (after I try something new I like to look up if it's going to kill me) I found out this is supposed to be healthy! Maybe. It's the new coconut water (which I've never had since I'm massively allergic to coconut) Like everything that claims to be good for you, there is intense debate over health claims and as always intense health debates leave me hungry for doughnuts. Mmm, maple doughnuts. Sorry, got sidetracked. So what is maple water? It's the maple sap before they boil it to make the syrup. They could have called it Tree Blood, put it in a black container, and have sold it to metal heads. Instead they called it Wahta, which according to the box is "maple" in the Mohawk language. Seems a bit cutesy to me, eh. In any event, it really doesn't taste like much. Kind of like someone put a single drop of maple syrup in a bottle of water and shook it up. I can see why people claim it has health benefits, they must be too lazy to make the actual syrup, so they are selling the raw ingredients. Those hosers. So at the end of the day I suggest you save your money, maybe the next health craze will be more exciting.

By Martin Peyruc

Found at The Fresh Market