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Bronco Poster

Ford Motor Company sent out a limited edition poster for the customers waiting for the Bronco model. Be aware that the Bronco Sport model version is different from the Bronco and is currently available. The long wait for the marketed retro-styled Bronco has been challenging and disheartening.

Not sure why Ford chose to release a different model and name it “Bronco Sport.”

The Bronco Sport and Bronco models share trims and similar styling, but prices vary broadly between both and are separate vehicles, confusing the consumer. In my quick research for this commentary, I noticed some dealers advertise the Bronco Sport Badlands as “Bronco Badlands,” which is misleading. Not sure if it was intentional to use the momentum from advertising the Bronco to push interest in the Sport model. If you are interested in me continuing research with more detailed findings, please like and comment.

BY Alex Fernandez