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MoonPie Salted Caramel

It's almost hard to believe that salted caramel until the early 2000's was considered a gourmet treat. It has slowly worked it's way down the culture pipeline to the point you can now find it anywhere. The humble MoonPie, which is coming close to one hundred years of production, is known as a working man's treat and can always be found in gas stations everywhere. So the idea of a salted caramel MoonPie strikes me like owning a tuxedo with the sleeves ripped off or putting oversize tires on a limousine. To make matters worse it's not even particularly good salted caramel. The whole point is for the salt to add a sharp bite to contrast to the sweetness of caramel. This just tasted like less sweet caramel, no salt involved. Even a couple of crystals would have made it more interesting. Long gone are the days when salt was a valuable commodity, hard fought from the earth, there's no need to be stingy with it. I better go down to the gas station and see if Cooter has gotten any caviar flavored pork rinds, I need something to salvage this meal.

Found at Giant