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The South Bend Chocolate Company Chocolate Bacon Crunch

Updated: Apr 19

Today my faith in humanity has been crushed. What kind of sick monster puts Bac Os bits in chocolate? Did they not receive hugs as a child? Are they some sort of fungus person from beneath the Earth's crust? Artificial bacon pieces are a crime in their own right, but to sully chocolate and caramel popcorn with it is the work of a super villain. To say that it is unpleasant is like saying the Second World War was a spat.

Since I am a cruel person myself, I suckered my coworkers into trying some, I couldnt keep all the suffering to myself. One coworker said "it tastes like what dog food smells like" and another claimed they tasted like Beggin' Strips, which is artificial bacon dog treat. I naturally asked her how she knew what they tasted like. Appearantly her sister tricked her into trying one as a kid. At least today wasn't a total loss for me, because I'm going to tease her about that forever. Due to the chocolate I can't even give this horror to my dog, even though it was clearly meant for canines. I normally try to finish whatever foods I get, even if that means sharing them with the unsuspecting, but I think these are going to go in the trash.

By Martin Peyruc

Found at World Market (and I wish I didn't find them at all)