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Tramier Basil Olives

Updated: Apr 3

French olives from Spain and sold in the United States. Well that's certainly international. Somebody certainly went through the effort to get them all the way here, so there must be something to them. Normally I would try to recreate the name in title, but since I don't speak French, I'm not quite certain which parts of the package are the name and which parts are description. I'm not quite used to the idea of olives in something other than oil or water but I was quite curious about the package. I've never really had an olive with basil or at least just basil and honestly the basil doesn't really make much of an impression. They are certainly good, but green olives are a force in their own right, basil just doesn't bring enough to the table. I'm certain however these would be great as part of an appetizer or even might work well in a martini.

Found in World Market