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USA: The Increase in Covid Cases

Many individuals may not be aware that the United States is still leading in Covid-19 cases. The United States has a reported per day around 67 thousand new cases, with India in second globally. The reasons for the States' continued growth in infection rates results from the United States' slow-acting policies. Covid-19 reported first in December 2019 created a lockdown for some states but was not nationally implemented until February 2020. Additionally, other dominant diseases affect the population, such as obesity, making individuals more susceptible to contracting Covid-19.

Poor management from individuals and government officials contributes to why Covid-19 continues to be prevalent within the United States. There will always be cases, but awareness that this topic continues to be a threat to the average person can allow the population to keep informed over increased Covid rates is the best defense available. The regulations recommended by the CDC can serve as a guideline for the management of the disease.

Alex Fernandez


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