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30th Anniversary Tiananmen Square Massacre


WASHINGTON - June 4, 2019, marked the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre. A student-led protest on the now infamous Tiananmen Square Plaza was being held to advocate discontent with the Chinese government. After declaring martial law, troops were sent to maintain order at the plaza. The troops commenced killing hundreds to thousands of the one million protesters. At least 10,000 Chinese citizens suffered casualties during the one month protest according to Adam Lusher, reporter for Independent.

Some common grievances at the time included inflation, corruption, limited preparedness of graduates for the new economy, and restrictions on political participation.

Hundreds gathered on the Capital's lawn to hear eye-witness accounts and organizers of the original protest speak on what it was like to be in China's political climate during a time riddled, for many, with social challenges and hardship. It was an enlightening time for many who participated and witnessed the original organizers and protesters of the massacre.

House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi spoke on the Capital's lawn about the events which occurred on June 1989, Beijing, China and also unveiled a gold statue of "Tank Man", commemorating an image many of us will never forget of the lone person who stood defiantly in front of a line of tanks during the protest.

This will serve as a reminder of a time not so long ago when students, intellectuals and political advocates attempted to voice their opinions on how the then Soviet Union ran the Chinese government, maintained its economy, and treated Chinese civilians and to ensure the events of June 4, 1989 would not be ignored or forgotten.

This will serve as a reminder of a time, not long ago, when students, intellectuals, and political advocates tried to express their views on the way the Soviet Union was running the Chinese government, maintaining its economy, and treating Chinese citizens and to ensure that the events of June 4, 1989 are not ignored or forgotten.

By Alex Fernandez